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106. Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society

from Sept. 13th - 16th, 2013, in Munich


From September 13-16, 2013 the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) will host the largest zoological conference in Germany at its main building. Highly distinguished national and international researchers will contribute to the 106th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society (DZG) and will showcase the rapid progress in zoological sciences across a range from Evolutionary Biology to Neurosciences, in part by public lectures in German (e.g. on September 13; 14; 16: Professor Bosch „Das Prinzip Metaorganismus: Mikroben als Partner der Evolution der Tiere“; Professor Fricke „Hallo Korallenriff - Diaspora eines gefährdeten Ökosystems“; Professor Brecht „Soziale Repräsentationen in der Hirnrinde der Ratte“).

About 500 participants will have access to roughly 400 posters and oral presentations that will demonstrate the huge variety of state-of-the-art scientific approaches in zoology from molecular to behavioral levels (www.dzg2013.de; including three satellite symposia on Neuroethology, Physiology, and Electron-Microscopy; the latter partly starting on September 12). At the same time, the Annual Meeting will provide a platform for young researchers to present their work to a large and influential audience in their respective fields.

Across many years, the Munich area and the LMU in particular have acquired a reputation to form a research hot spot in Zoology. Munich researchers have massively contributed to long-standing scientific paradigms and were rewarded with highest honors, including the Nobel Prize. Highly influential and very well-known figures like Konrad Lorenz, some of them former heads of the DZG like Karl von Frisch, were conducting significant parts of their studies in the larger Munich area and have laid the foundations of its strong neuroethological tradition.