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Accreditation awarded to the LMU Faculty of Biology bachelor's and master's programs

We are pleased to announce the accreditation of the bachelor's and master's programs of the LMU Faculty of Biology.


The following curricula were accredited in the Biology Cluster: 

    • Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSc, 180 ECTS)
    • Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSc, 240 ECTS)
    • Master of Science in Biology (MSc, 60 ECTS)
    • Master of Science in Biology (MSc, 120 ECTS)
    • Master of Evolution, Ecology and Systematics (MSc, 120 ECTS)
    • Master of Neurosciences (MSc)
    • Master of Neuro-Cognitive Psychology (Faculty of Psychology, affiliated with the Master of Neurosciences)

For the Faculty of Biology, the accreditation process began in 2012, preparing documentation and detailed descriptions of each program. This extensive documentation was submitted in May 2013. In November 2013 the Faculty hosted the accreditation committee for two days, during which meetings were held with students, faculty members and program coordinators. The official evaluation was received in the beginning of April 2014. The accreditation is valid until September 30, 2019.

The positive evaluation in all areas is a credit to the efforts by faculty and students in shaping and refining these programs over the past years.

Among many other noteworthy comments, it was stated that "... in no other German university is Biology taught and studied with such professional scientific density and such high quality."