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Our Emmy Noether research group at the department of cell- and developmental
biology at the LMU Biocenter in Martinsried/Munich offers a

+++ PhD position in cell biology +++

starting at the next possible date. Our group is interested in the molecular
mechanisms that control cell division. During the last step of cell division, a process
called cytokinesis, the mother cell splits into two daughter cells. When the
chromosomes segregate in anaphase a contractile actin-myosin ring assembles
underneath the plasma membrane. Contractile ring formation has to be spatially and
temporally coordinated with chromosome segregation to ensure that the genomic
content is properly distributed. Cytokinesis failure results in tetraploidy and
supernumerary centrosomes causing multipolar spindles and oncogenic
transformations. The aim of the PhD project is to delineate the molecular pathways
that control cytokinesis in time and space. In our research group we combine the
advantages of both the nematode C. elegans and tissue culture cells. As our main
approach we use quantitative live-cell microscopy since it provides the high temporal
and spatial resolution required to study such a dynamic process like cytokinesis. In
addition to live cell microscopy we apply a broad range of cell biological techniques
including biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and screening approaches. Our
research group is part of the cell- and developmental biology department, which not
only offers high-end instrumentation and laboratory equipment but also a highly
interactive and international research environment.
We are searching for highly motivated applicants with a strong interest in fundamental
questions of cell biology. Applicants should have excellent knowledge of cell and
molecular biology and hold a master/diploma degree in life science.
Please send your application (CV, resumee, contact information of two referees)
to Dr. Esther Zanin, Lehrstuhl für Zell- und Entwicklungsbiologie B02.009B,
Großhaderner Str. 2, 82152 Planegg-Martinsried oder zanin@bio.lmu.de.

For more information: http://www.cellbiology.bio.lmu.de/research_groups/zanin/index.html