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teaser_boelter_60PD Dr. Bettina Bölter

Protein transport machineries in the chloroplast envelopes: composition, function and regulation


teaser_böttger_60Prof. Dr. Angelika Böttger

Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_boshart_60Prof. Dr. Michael Boshart

Genetics - Cell signaling in development and host interaction of protozoan parasites


teaser_brachmann_60Dr. Andreas Brachmann

Genetics - Microbial Functional Genomics


teaser_bramkamp_60Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp

Bacterial Cell Biology

Reserach group Laura BusseProf. Dr. Laura Busse

Neural circuits of visual perception

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teaser_conradt_60Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt

Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_dingemanse_ecology_60Prof. Dr. Niels Dingemanse

Behavioural Ecology


teaser_enard_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enard

Anthropology and Human Biology- Functional Primate Genomicsnach oben

teaser_frank_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frank

Plant Molecular Cell Biology


BonoboPD Dr. Barbara Fruth

Behavioural Ecology & Evolutionary Anthropology


Bild1Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel

Evolution & Development


teaser_geigenberger_60Prof. Dr. Peter Geigenberger

Plant Metabolism


teaser_grothe_60Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe

Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_grupe3_60Prof. Dr. Gisela Grupe

Physical Anthropology and Environmental History


teaser_gutjahr_60Dr. Caroline Gutjahr

Arbuscular mycorrhiza development

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teaser_haszprunar_60Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar

Systematic Zoology


teaser_heermann_60PD Dr. Ralf Heermann

Bacterial Infection Biology


teaser_herz_60Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz

Computational Neuroscience


teaser_hessPD Dr. Martin Heß

Architecture and Evolution of Visual Systems


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teaser_joffeDr. Irina Solovei

Spatial organization of the eukaryotic nuclei


teaser_jung_h_60Prof. Dr. Heinrich Jung

Bacterial Physiology and Biochemistry


teaser_jung_k_60Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung

Molecular Microbiology

Research group Steffen KatznerDr. Steffen Katzner

Neural basis of visual behavior

KlinglProf. Dr. Andreas Klingl

Plant Development

PD Dr. Conny Kopp-ScheinpflugPD Dr. Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug

Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_kunz_60PD Dr. Lars Kunz

Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_lambie_60PD Dr. Eric Lambie

Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_leibold_60Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold

Computational Neuroscience


teaser_leister_60Prof. Dr. Dario Leister

Plant Molecular Biology


teaser_leonhardt_60Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt

Human Biology and BioImagingnach oben

teaser_mikeladze_60Dr. Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali

Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_metzler_60Prof. Dr. Dirk Metzler

Statistical Geneticsnach oben

teaser_neuhaus2Prof. Dr. Birgit Jana Neuhaus

Biology Education


teaser_nickelsen_60Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen

Molecular Plant Science


nach oben

teaser_parniske_60Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske

Genetics- Molecular mechanisms underlying symbiosis and disease in plant-microbe interactions


teaser_parsch_60Prof. John Parsch

Evolutionary and Functional Genomics


teaser_renner_ersatz_60Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner

Systematic Botany and Mycology


Teaser SirotaProf. Dr. Anton Sirota

Cognition and Neural Plasticity


teaser_soll_60Prof. Dr. Jürgen Soll

Plant Biochemistry and Physiology


teaser_starckProf. Dr. J. Matthias Starck

Functional Morphology


teaser_stibor_ecology_60Prof. Dr. Herwig Stibor

Aquatic Ecology


teaser_straka_60Prof Dr. Hans Straka

Systemic Neurobiologynach oben

teaser_wachtler_60Prof. Dr. Thomas Wachtler

Computational Neurosciences


teaser_wiegrebe_60Prof Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe

Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_wullimann_60PD Dr. Mario Wullimann

Systemic Neurobiology


logo_evolutionsbiologie Prof. Dr. Jochen Wolf

Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics


teaser_zaninDr. Esther Zanin

Cell Division

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