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Studienbüro in the Faculty of Biology

The Studienbüro is designed as a central contact point for students and faculty, as an information hub but also as an instrument for communication, exchange and program coordination. Implemented through the LMU-wide program Lehre@LMU for excellence in teaching, the office answers to the Dean of Studies and Studies Coordinator and supports processes of organization, communication and  evaluation. Other goals are to promote student opportunities for practical field experience and to implement incentives for excellent student research. 

Studien- and Forschungsbüro (Room G00.015)

Dr. Philomena Bodensteiner, Coordinator for Lehre@LMU funds and for MEME, +49 89 2180 74793lehre@bio.lmu.de

Dr. Martina Bryce, Coordinator for quality initiative for teacher education, +49 89 2180 74234, bryce@bio.lmu.de



The application rounds for the Lehre@LMU student research award  in 2020 are finished.


Other Lehre@LMU programs:


Contacts for Faculty of Biology: Dr. Andreas Brachmann

                                                  Dr. Dagmar Hann

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