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Developmental Biology

teaser_böttger_60Prof. Dr. Angelika Böttger
Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_boshart_60Prof. Dr. Michael Boshart
Genetics - Cell signaling in development and host interaction of protozoan parasites


teaser_enard_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enard
Anthropology and Human Biology- Functional Primate Genomics


teaser_frank_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frank
Plant Molecular Cell Biology


teaser_gompel_60Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel
Evolution & Development

teaser_haszprunar_60Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar
Systematic Zoology


teaser_hessPD Dr. Martin Heß
Architecture and Evolution of Visual Systems


teaser_leister_60Prof. Dr. Dario Leister
Plant Molecular Biology


teaser_leonhardt_60Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt
Human Biology and BioImaging


teaser_mikeladze_60Dr. Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali
Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_zaninDr. Esther Zanin (Emmy Noether Group)
Cell Division