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Evolutionary Biology

teaser_dingemanse_ecology_60Prof. Dr. Niels Dingemanse
Behavioural Ecology


teaser_enard_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enard
Anthropology and Human Biology- Functional Primate Genomics


teaser_fruth_60PD Dr. Barbara Fruth
Behavioural Ecology & Evolutionary Anthropology


teaser_gompel_60Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel
Evolutionary Ecology


teaser_grupe3_60Prof. Dr. Gisela Grupe
Physical Anthropology and Environmental History


teaser_haszprunar_60Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar
Systematic Zoology



Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit

Systematic, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants


teaser_metzler_60Prof. Dr. Dirk Metzler
Statistical Genetics


teaser_parniske_60Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske
Genetics- Molecular mechanisms underlying symbiosis and disease in plant-microbe interactions


teaser_parsch_60Prof. John Parsch
Evolutionary and Functional Genomics



Prof. Dr. J. Matthias Starck
Functional Morphology


teaser_stibor_ecology_60Prof. Dr. Herwig Stibor
Aquatic Ecology


logo_evolutionsbiologieProf. Dr. Jochen Wolf
Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics