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Systems Biology

teaser-boyanProf. Dr. George Boyan
Systemic Neurobiology


teaser-eggerDr. Veronica Egger
Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_enard_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enard
Anthropology and Human Biology- Functional Primate Genomics


teaser-felmyDr. Felix Felmy
Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_geigenberger_60Prof. Dr. Peter Geigenberger
Plant Metabolism


teaser_gompel_60Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel
Evolution & Development


teaser-grotheProf. Dr. Benedikt Grothe
Systemic Neurobiology


teaser_leister_60Prof. Dr. Dario Leister
Plant Molecular Biology


teaser_leonhardt_60Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt
Human Biology and BioImaging


teaser-strakaProf Dr. Hans Straka
Systemic Neurobiology


teaser-wiegrebeProf Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe
Systemic Neurobiology


teaser-wullimannPD Dr. Mario Wullimann
Systemic Neurobiology