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Welcome to the IT Support of the Faculty of Biology!

It consists of the local IT administrators who organize direct support in the working groups, the Faculty IT staff who are responsible for supporting the working groups and central services and an IT committee that, together with faculty IT, advises the faculty on strategic decisions.

Info for new and departing employees

• For new employees, we have compiled information here.
• For employees leaving the faculty, we have compiled information here.

Faculty IT

Dietfried Molter (Leiter) molter@bio.lmu.de 2180-74100 D00.029
Christian Strobl strobl@bio.lmu.de 2180 - 74457 D00.029
Martin McKenzie Martin.McKenzie@bio.lmu.de 2180 - 74447 G00.009
Werner Schimmel schimmel@bio.lmu.de 2180-74100 D00.029
Merle Nickisch (Hiwi) 2180 - 74451 G00.009

Responsibilities divisions

In principle, every employee can help in all areas. However, for easier structuring and better organization, individual persons and functional addresses are assigned to buildings and services:

Dean’s office, Didactics, Genetics, Mikrobiology, Plant Sciences, Examination Office, program coordinators, Administration, Cellular and Organismic Networks (Keller), Graduate School Life Science Munichit1@bio.lmu.de


Anthropology and Human Genomics, Cell- and Developmental Biology, Cellular and Organismic Networks (Guse), Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Human Biology und BioImaging, Life Sciences in Society, Systematic Zoology, Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants, Workshop, Zoology - Functional Morphology:it2@bio.lmu.de 

Responsibilities services (selection)


Laptops for practica Christian Strobl
CIP-rooms (Teaching) Martin McKenzie
Device list of faculty Thomas Nägele
BioHPC Christian Strobl
Mattermost Sven Schörnich
Nextcloud Christian Strobl, Sven Schörnich

 Additional Information

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Hardware and Software Services
• Diverse user infos in the IT Wiki
High Perfomance Compute Cluster (BioHPC)

IT Committee
Wolfgang Enard, Alexander Keller, Thomas Nägele, Korbinian Schneeberger und Dirk Metzler