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Contact Persons of the Proteomics Service:
Organisation: Dr. Martin Lehmann martin.lehmann@bio.lmu.de
Technical Assistance: Julia Davydova davydova@bio.lmu.de
Rooms: F02.017 und F02.021


The Service unit MSBioLMU subject >> Proteomics << routinely identifies proteins from distinct gel bands, gel spots, precipitates, complex mixtures or cell lysates. To analyse protein sample a LC-LTQ Orbitrap mass spectrometer is used.
The service includes sample measurements, advisory service in experimental design and data exploration. To analyse the data, several software tools and mass spectral libraries are used.

Sample Preparation

The protein digest for signature peptide generation and the sample purification will be done exclusively in our laboratories to ensure the degree of purity required for all consumables. However, the sample extraction is up to the customer. Please check the Sample Preparation Advices and fill the Sample Submission Form.
Before sending any samples establish contacts to the service unit to check the machine run time capacity and assure the correct receive of your samples.

Data Exploration

Compiled data sets are processed and evaluated using device-specific programs like Proteom Discoverer

Technical Equipment

LTQ Orbitrap
The service unit has a LTQ Orbitrap mass spectrometer (Thermo) combined with a nano LC system including an autosampler (automated injection). Thus, a high comparability and standardisation of the sample application is assured. Typically a RP C18 capillary column is used.


Currently we charge € 65 for a routinely analysis of one sample.


Sample Preparation Advices: Proteomics (20 KByte)
Sample Submission Form: Proteomics (42 KByte)