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What we offer

The service unit MSBioLMU subject routinely identifies proteins from distinct gel bands, gel spots, precipitates, complex mixtures or cell lysates.
Samples are analysed with a QTOF (Impact II, Bruker) combined with a nano LC system. Typically, a RP C18 capillary column is used for peptide analysis.
The service includes sample measurements, advisory service in experimental design and data exploration. To analyse the data, several software tools (e.g. MaxQuant) and mass spectral libraries are used.

Sample preparation guidelines

You are free to use protein preparation methods of your choice but we ask you to follow the rules
below to avoid sample contamination and to get best results. We accept gel pieces as well as solutions. Trypsin digest and sample clean-up will be performed by us.


  • All equipment should be as clean as possible
  • Use the highest grade reagents available
  • All glass- and plasticware including glass plates should be cleaned first with 70% ethanol, then with H2O
  • Do not autoclave pipet tips and reaction tubes
  • Wear clean and powder-free gloves and avoid skin contact.

For gel pieces

  • If you use home-made gels, don’t cast and run them on the same day
  •  Do not heat gels in the microwave
  • Silver staining methods have to be MS compatible for e.g. see: https://tinyurl.com/Silver-compatible-MS
  • Attachment of annotated gel image (including a molecular weight marker) to the sample submission form is required
  • Use fresh and clean blades on a clean surface for excision of gel pieces (store pieces at 4°C)

For samples in solution

  • Avoid detergents (especially polymeric ones like Triton, NP-40 etc.) and PEG!
  • Minimize salt concentrations

Sample submission

Before sending samples, please contact the service unit in advance to inquire about the device capacity and to ensure safe sample acceptance.

Please fill in the sample submission form and send to ms@bio.lmu.de.


Information on pricing and user conditions is provided here.


Organisation: Dr. Martin Lehmann & PD Dr. Serena Schwenkert

Technical Assistance: Julia Davydova

E-mail: ms@bio.lmu.de

Rooms: F02.017 und F02.021