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Facility Management

titleemailroomphone: +49-(0)89
director Susanne Brandt MR M00.004 2180-79150
deputy director
TR Georg-Michael Kaiser MR M00.002 2180-79100
Main entrance Biocenter - - 2180-74900
Central mail lecture hall service Hörsaalservice GH - 2180-79154
Lecture hall administration Corina England MR M00.005 2180-79156
Lecture hall administration Carolina Kufner MR M00.006 2180-79154
Lecture hall technics and mechanical locking systems Bernd Iregsusi MR M00.008 2180-79155
Facility management and transponders Michael Hauf MR M 00.008 2180-79152
Office and facility maintenance Bereich Martinsried Bio GU1.015 2180-79170