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LMU Mentoring in the Faculty of Biology

The Program

The mentee finds a suitable senior scientist (within or outside the Faculty of Biology, within or outside the LMU, but not the direct project supervisor) that is willing to be his/her mentor. This mentor/mentee pair is expected to commit to regular meetings/discussions (min. once per semester) and formulate goals for the junior scientist.

Besides these informal contacts, the mentor, mentee and the direct project supervisor are expected to hold a formal “mentee advisory meeting” (MAC) at the beginning and end of the program. This MAC is in form and content meant to be similar to a thesis advisory meeting (TAC). Where applicable, this can also be merged with a habilitation committee meeting. Furthermore, the mentee has to provide a short written report at the end of the program.

Outside of the Meetings, the program offers mentees the ability to choose from a variety of seminars on soft skills and research skills they can attend to as a group. This is financed from a budget of 40 000 € a year that can also be used for research equipment, travel to conferences and the organization of the MACs and is evenly distributed among all mentees. The maximal duration of the program will be 2 years of support and one additional year of affiliation.

Invoices for deductable expenses are to be handed to the dean’s office according to the guidelines to be found in the downloads.



Program coordinators and participants in year 2024.