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BioNa - Early Career Award of the Faculty of Biology

Aim of the program:biona

  •  financial support of junior scientists with funding for staff and project costs (e.g. consumables, student assistants, equipment etc.)
  •  promotion of scientific independency
  •  promotion of young excellence
  •  qualification to raise third-party funding

Eligible applicants:

  • all junior scientists holding a PhD degree and belonging to the faculty of biology, as a general rule not more than 5 years after obtaining the PhD, periods of parental leave are considered

Application documents:

  • proposal (in English) to the dean of the faculty of biology
  • Curriculum vitae
  • state of the art (generally intelligible)
  • preliminary work, work schedule, project outline of the planned third-party proposal
  • proposal length: max 5 pages
  • supportive letter from the chair (including consent to corresponding authorship (senior-authorship!) and support in writing the third-party proposal)

Selection process:

  • proposals are submitted to the dean
  • deadline for submission: yearly end of November
  • review by an appointed commission
The award ceremony will take place during the faculty festival.


  • Max. two projects are funded with 10.000/year (proposal can be continued transitionally if a third party-proposal (DFG) can be proven

The success project will be evaluated by a closing report or a submitted third-party funding proposal.