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Steering Committee of the Biology Faculty

The Faculty Steering Committee handles issues concerning the entire faculty and is mediatory between the faculty and the university senate. Members of the Dean's Office are standing members of the Steering Committe. 

Standing members

  • Dean Prof. Dr. D. Leister
  • Vice Dean Prof. Dr. L. Busse
  • Vice Dean Prof. Dr. T. Nägele
  • Vice Dean Prof. Dr. H. Stibor
  • Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. H. Jung
  • Women´s representative Prof. Dr. S. Robatzek

Elected members

6 Professors

  • Prof. Dr. W. Enard
  • Prof. Dr. W. Frank
  • Prof. Dr. B. Grothe
  • Prof. Dr. K. Jung
  • Prof. Dr. M. Parniske
  • Prof. Dr. J. Wolf

2 Scientific Staff representatives

  • PD Dr. C. Bolle
  • Dr. A. Brachmann

2 Student representatives

  • Louis Muxfeldt
  • Janik Ludwig

1 Non-academic Staff representative

  • Dr. M. Bögle